Rewatching The Magic: A Disney Fan Podcast

RTM 014 - Mickey Mouse Shorts: Classic and Modern

February 24, 2020

JP Tuesday & Kiki Canon take a look at some of the original Mickey Mouse shorts and compare them to the more recent ones.


Classic Mickey Shorts discussed:

Steamboat Willie (1928), The Band Concert (1935), Mickey's Rival (1936), Clock Cleaners (1937)


Modern Mickey Shorts discussed:

Stayin' Cool (2013), Wish Upon a Coin (2015), Two Can't Play (2019), Our Floating Dreams (2019), Tapped Out (2013)


Special thanks to Kyle A. Carrozza for helping with this episode.


Music from
"Glitter Blast" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (


Other clips used:

Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Bill by Irving Kaufman

The Band Concert

Clock Cleaners

Wish Upon A Coin

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